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Welcome to the Downloadpage of the ARCLibWriter for:
Gmini 120 Gmini 220
The ARClibWriter has been designed to create the lib.jbm File which is needed to use the ARClib Feature with the Archos Digital Audio Player Gmini 120 and Gmini 220. Newer Versions of the Gmini (eg. XS200, XS100, 400) DO NOT need or use the files created. Of course you can scan your MP3 library with the program but the lib file is not required because the newer players generate the ARClib on their own.

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DOWNLOAD ARClibWriter NOW [1.41 MB]

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Most Current Version
ARClibWriter 1.0pe4.1.1gcj for Windows (no Java required) [1.41 MB]
ARClibWriter 1.0pe4.1jwin for Windows (Java required) [1.34 MB]
ARClibWriter 1.0pe4.1gcj for Windows (no Java required) [1.44 MB]
ARClibWriter 1.0pe4 for Windows (no Java required) [1.44 MB]
ARClibWriter 1.0pe3 for Windows (Java 1.4 required) [1.35MB]
If you found an Error or Bug then please post a Bugreport in the Bugtracker if you have problems using the software feel free to email me, my address can be found on the bottom of the page. For general Gmini problems also check out The ArchosGmini yahoo group. I really want to thank everyone there, for their great support in testing my software and making it better. On the project page you will find most of the announcements bugtrackers and of course the mother project the jd3lib. I am going to slowly move more content to the website. But you can be sure to always find the most up to date stable release of the ARClibWriter here on this Page.

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